Glamour Icons Perfume Bottle Design

Marc Rosen

ISBN: 9781851496600
Publisher: Antique Collectors' Club
Territory: World
Size: 284 mm x 282 mm
Pages: 204
Illustrations: 155 colour

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  • A survey of the biggest names and most famous bottles throughout the history of perfume bottle design
  • Conceived of and written by seven-time FiFi Award winner and internationally renowned packaging designer Marc Rosen, Glamour Icons is a book that both recognises and celebrates perfume bottle design as an art form. Rosen calls them "small pieces of glass architecture"

Glamour Icons is a collection of the most iconic and spectacular perfume bottle designs of the last century. Written by designer Marc Rosen, the book offers an insight into the history of perfume bottles, their place in society and their inspirations.

The first designer to write a book about his craft, Rosen considers every aspect of perfume bottle production, from sketches and models, to working with glass manufacturers to realise the designer's aims. He also reveals the important processes behind developing logos, graphics, colours, boxes and counter displays.

The book includes never published before stories about Rosen's career including his first job with Revlon founder Charles Revson, his work with Elizabeth Arden, and his collaborations with the fashion houses of Chloé, Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi, Perry Ellis, Ellen Tracy, and Jill Stuart. The author also recounts his work with celebrities Joan Rivers, Christina Aguilera and Celine Dion, as well his intriguing relationship with Arlene Dahl, whom he would eventually marry.

Illustrated with marvelous photographs by Vincent Ricardel, the book contains many of Rosen's remarkable designs as well as iconic pieces by other designers. Including his personal photographs and artwork given to him by many of the people he worked with, this volume is truly wonderful review of Rosen's career and this compelling area of design.

Foreword: Harold Koda; Introduction: Fleur Cowles; Chapter 1: Glamour Icons; Chapter 2: My Perfume Bottles; - At Revlon, - The Arden Years, - Kaiser Karl, - Carnivale Fendi, - On My Own; Chapter 3: The Art of Designing a Perfume Bottle; Chapter 4: A Designer's Eye: Icons of the Past; Chapter 5: Enduring Glamour; A Conversation with Hamish Bowles.

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